Not pay proper respect to fashion

However Pepys, in his immortal diary, didn’t pay correct respect to trend. He commented on the garments of the women, it’s true, however he confirmed a lamentable vagueness, if not careless indifference, about their particulars. Probably his notes on gown had been fairly satisfying to his masculine thoughts, however I discover them virtually ineffective in assuaging the deepest feelings of female curiosity. Nonetheless, I do know from him and different sources v that Nell Gwynn, the careless slattern, wore a cart – wheel hat when delivering a prologue in a play, and moreover that she “ regarded fairly on one event when Pepys handed her as she stood at her lodging door in “smock-sleeves and a bodice,” no matter such description may please to imply.

Colors, shapes, and supplies this inimitable gossip ignored as unimportant ; but it could be written right down to his credit score that he confessed he was moved when he noticed Girl Castlemaine’s smocks and linen petticoats hanging out to dry within the Privy backyard at White Corridor, laced with the richest lace on the backside which ever he noticed, and he vows, “ they did me good to have a look at them ” ; and a lot could we depend for grace, despite the fact that I sigh to consider the variety of tucks and gaugings he failed to say.

It’s to be hoped that, after that painful inter-view with the driving garb of the women at White Corridor, he turned the opposite method and went again to the Privy backyard and his joyful contemplation of Girl Castlemaine’s under-wear.


MARIE STUART shares with Madame de Pompadour the honour of standing godmother to fashions which will likely be recognized by means of the ages by their names. The previous luckless girl will ever be related to that coif which is pointed m the entrance, and curves at both facet, whereas the latter stands everlasting sponsor to the rolled hairstyle which turns again from the face over a excessive pad. 1 right here could maybe be different glories higher value attainment, however no one respectfully imbued with the significance of gown can enterprise to say that these girls lived in useless.

And in a minor diploma their privilege has been shared by others. The artwork of Gainsborough and of Watteau has immortalised a hat, a pleat and a flowered sac; Madame du Barry has a particular shade of pink consecrated to her reminiscence; the lace collar which expands around the shoulders had at christening no much less an individual than Catherine de Medici; and Napoleon gave his identify to a hat Of the extra fashionable clothes I may take as examples the cardigan, a waistcoat of wool named after a noble lord ; and I may recall that one other noble lord, one Spencer, launched a brief woollen 78 jacket ; and that the good normal Garibaldi is accountable for the unfastened shirt with open collar ; and peculiar type of open-sleeved bed-jacket, generally known as the nightingale, is sacred to the heroic efforts of that devoted nurse who did such splendid obligation on the Crimea.


The fall of the Roman Empire

How complete the vary of choice was could also be gathered from the truth that masks had been broadly divided into three nice lessons, specifically, Tragical, Comical, Satirical, every of which was in flip subdivided as follows :

  1. Eight masks of outdated males, typifying variations of age, rank, humour, and so forth.
  2. A collection of 11 masks of younger males.
  3. Seven types of masks of slaves.
  4. Eighteen masks of ladies.

Along with the above, the masks depicting gods and heroes had been positioned in a separate class. These by no means different, and every displayed the attributes of the deity portrayed. Thus Motion appeared with the antlers of a deer, Argus with 100 eyes, Diana with a crescent ; and so forth.

The earliest masks had been common from wooden fibre, which in due time gave place to leather-based, and eventually to wax.

In Rome the artwork of mask-making was additional elaborated. Trades and professions had been distinct-ively personated. Double-faced masks had been intro-duced, one aspect representing laughter and the opposite tears, in order that by turning his proper or left profile to the viewers, the actor might change his expression at will.

Among the many Romans the usage of the masks was not restricted to the theatre. It was worn in processions, and at sure festivals, notably these devoted to Pan, the place masks of vine leaves had been customary. A wierd funeral ceremony consisted of a efficiency given by a comic sporting a masks made within the likeness of the defunct. This mummer’s mission was to comply with the coffin, appearing and reciting the salient options of the lifeless man s profession, impartially setting forth each the great and the dangerous.

Within the reign of Augustus, patrician women had been within the behavior, when indoors, of sporting masks delicately perfumed and handled with cosmetics. This vogue was revived by Henry III. of France and his courtiers for the preservation of the complexion.

The autumn of the Roman Empire marked the disappearance of the masks from the stage. From then onward it appeared solely in pantomime, the place the masks of Punchinello is acquainted to at the present time. The nutcracker countenance, with its highly- colored cheeks and tinkling bells, is a survival of utmost antiquity. I pause to marvel who the outdated Greek could have been whom the maker of masks thus immortalised ? There’s a world of cynicism, pathos, and philosophy in his face. I really feel that he sorrowed, and that it was not as a result of he knew too little, however as a result of he knew an excessive amount of.


The ceremonial costume of the women

The ceremonial costume of the ladies of Simbirsk may be very peculiar. Excessive and sq., the  hat is of velvet, with an in depth brim composed of a broad band of white sheep’s wool drawn down over the brows, giving the wearer a barely decreasing expression. A bathe of gilt cash jangles within the ears, and the long-sleeved white tunic suits tightly as much as the throat and ceases abruptly on the knees, the place it’s met by leggings of white felt cross-gartered the whole distance, the garters doing double obligation, as they function helps for the low footwear. Essentially the most extraordinary and attribute function of the whole bathroom is a big sq. breast-plate of white metallic lined with items of cash and copper discs, which mix the roles of amulets and ornaments. This odd and warrior-like ornament is split throughout the centre, and so types two separate parts, the higher being so organized that it laps over the below, when rendered mandatory by the actions of the physique. As well as, a small silver cross is worn suspended from a ribbon handed around the neck.

Particularly attention-grabbing by cause of the very fact

Specifically attention-grabbing by cause of the truth that Nijni Novgorod is the scene of an important truthful on the earth, the gown of the ladies of the district consists of a fringed and embroidered scarf which envelops the top and shoulders and is pinned below the chin. As is barely to be anticipated, fur performs a component within the trimming. The broad jacket reaches to the waist, and divulges fur cuffs and an edging of fur in regards to the backside and up the fronts. Not fairly ankle size, the brocade skirt is bordered with fringe, the plain or brocaded under-skirt descending to the bottom. Each skirts are immensely broad, and counsel the presence of a hooped petticoat.

The scarf and outer jacket eliminated, there are enticing revelations of a sleeveless corsage of brocade and a white chemisette conspicuous for sleeves that puff with exaggeration on the shoulder and once more under the elbow, lastly coming in tightly on the wrist and ending in frills. The jewelry, as is common in Russia, is of a ponderous sort, and is hottest within the type of chains, necklaces, and finger- and earrings.

The ladies of the individuals nonetheless plaster their faces crudely with white and crimson cosmetics : a mode as soon as in favour with the higher lessons, however now condemned as distinctly unhealthy kind and savouring of barbarity.

I can not depart Russia with out some reference to the Jews, who write now as ever an vital chapter of their historical past.


An old Indian festival dress is emblazoned

An previous Indian pageant gown is emblazoned with beads and silks in homosexual colors, and bears lengthy sq. lappets hanging from a jewelled headpiece. The sombre tunic is enriched with jewels on the neck and waist. Exceptional specimens of previous Indian style and ingenuity are the tunics manufactured from leather-based thickly encrusted with beads of various colors in geometrical sample, such tunics being fringed with leather-based and accomplished by a a lot feathered head-dress.

Byron’s verse offers a haunting image of Moorish magnificence, when he describes Haidee in her pleasure :

Round, as Princess of her father’s land,

A like gold bar above her instep rolled

Introduced her rank ; twelve rings had been on her hand ;

Her hair was starr’d with gems ; her veil’s wonderful fold Beneath her breast was fixed with a band Of lavish pearls, whose price might scarce be advised ;

Her orange silk full Turkish trousers furl’d Concerning the prettiest ankle on the planet.

In Bokhara the bride wears a rose-coloured veil on her wedding-day ; and right here, surprisingly sufficient, deep blue is the distinctive mourning color.

The costume of married ladies in Afghanistan

The costume of married ladies in Afghanistan should be granted a lot admiration : they put on a shirt with vast sleeves embroidered with flowers in colored silks, colored trousers, and a small cap embroidered in gold threads, and over this, on the method of a stranger, they throw a big sheet. Beneath the cap the hair is split into two plaits on both facet and fixed on the again. Chains, nostril and ear rings are chosen at discretion ; and the single ladies are identified by their white trousers and loosely flowing hair.

Queen of Richard II. of England, included in her trousseau a beautiful and distinctive gown and mantle of pink grained velvet, embroidered with metallic birds of goldsmith’s work perched upon branches of pearls and inexperienced treasured stones. Clearly economic system was no object, and her Majesty had decided to do the factor handsomely.

Within the sixteenth century English matrons wore a coif or shut bonnet, and the single ladies braided their hair with knots of ribbon. There’s a curious document within the historical past of Chester in Henry VIII.’s time, which incorporates an order “to tell apart the head-dress of the married ladies from single, no single girl to put on white or different colored caps ; and no girl to put on any hat, until she rides or goes overseas into the nation (besides sick or aged individuals), on ache of 3s. 4d.” Such an order is nearly as unreasonable as ungrammatical, but there’s consolation to be gleaned from the truth that the tax on disobedience was however 3s. 4d.


Tale XXI. – XXII.


They inform a narrative of an oppressor, who flung a stone on the head of a pious man. The Durwesh, not having energy to revenge himself, saved the stone, until a time when the King, being displeased, ordered the opposite to be thrown right into a pit. The Durwesh then got here and bruised his head with the stone ; upon which he exclaimed, “ Who artwork thou, and why bast thou flung this stone at my head? ” He answered, “ I’m such an one, and that is the equivalent stone that on such a day you flung at my head.” He proceeded, “ The place had been you all this time?” The Durwesh replied, “I used to be afraid of your dignity ; however now that I see you within the pit, I contemplate it a beneficial alternative to avenge myself. While the nugatory man is in a state of prosperity, the clever suppose it correct to pay him respect. When you haven’t a nail sufficiently sharp for tearing, it’s prudent to not cope with the depraved. Whosoever grapples towards an arm of metal will injure his personal wrist, whether it is of silver : wait till fortune ties his arms, when, to the satisfaction of your pals, you could pick his brains.”


A sure King had a horrible illness, the character of which it’s not correct to say. Plenty of Greek physicians agreed that there was no different treatment for this illness, however the gall of a person of some specific description. The King ordered such an one to be searched for, they usually discovered a peasant’s son with the properties which the physicians had described. The King despatched for the lad’s father and mom, and by providing a fantastic reward gained their consent, and the Cazy gave his choice that it was lawful to shed the blood of a topic for restoring the well being of the monarch. The executioner ready to place him to demise, upon which the youth turned his eyes in the direction of heaven and laughed. The King requested, “ What there could possibly be in his current situation which might probably excite mirth ?

He replied, “ Kids look to their dad and mom for affection ; a swimsuit is referred to the Cazy: and justice is predicted from the monarch. Now my father and mom, seduced by useless worldly concerns having consented to the shedding of my blood, the choose having sentenced me to die, and the King, for the sake of his personal well being, having consented to my demise, the place am I to hunt refuge excepting within the excessive God? Unto whom shall I desire my swimsuit, since it’s towards you that I search justice?” The King’s coronary heart being troubled at these phrases the tears stood in his eyes, and he stated, “ It’s higher for me to die, than that the blood of an harmless individual needs to be shed.” He kissed his head and eyes, and embraced him, and after bestowing appreciable presents, set him at liberty. They are saying additionally, that in the identical week the King was cured of his distemper. In software to this, I recollect the verse which the elephant driver rehearsed on the banks of the river Nile : ‘ In case you are blind to the state of the ant underneath your foot, know that it resembles your individual situation underneath the foot of the elephant.’


Curveted back became straight

The sky’s in- curvated again turned straight by delight when dame Nature introduced forth a son like thee. It’s a pure occasion of Divine thriller, when the Creator of the universe, out of his benevolence, distinguishes a servant for the instruction of mankind. He hath obtained immortality whose fame liveth, as a result of after his departure the renown of his advantage insures existence to his identify. It’s matter of indifference, whether or not the realized reward thee or not, for the face of a beloved mistress requireth not the artwork of the tire-woman.

Excuse for the Omission of Private Service; and the Got here of selecting Retirement.

My deficiency and backwardness

My deficiency and backwardness within the strenuous discharge of non-public service on the palace of sovereignty, resembles the story informed of Buzerche- meher ; how that, when quite a lot of the sages of Hind have been discoursing of his virtues, they might uncover in him solely this fault, that he hesitated in his speech, in order that his hearers have been stored a very long time in suspense earlier than he delivered his ideas. Bu- zerchemeher overheard their dialog and noticed, “ It’s higher to deliberate earlier than I converse than to repent of what I’ve stated.” Previous males of expertise, who know the worth of phrases, mirror after which converse. Expend not your breath in speaking idly ; converse to the aim, and thoughts not in case your supply needs to be sluggish. First assume after which converse; however cease earlier than they are saying, £ It’s sufficient.’ Man excelleth the brute creation by the college of speech ; however you might be beneath the brute in case you make an improper use of that reward. How then may I enterprise to make my look within the meeting of grandess of sovereignty, the confluence of males of piety and the centre of profound students ; the place, if in the midst of dialog I ought to really feel animated, I could be presumptuous? Small is the capital inventory which I may produce earlier than the Yizier.

Glass beads amongst jewellers should not value a barleycorn ; a lamp within the face of the solar emitteth not a ray of sunshine ; and a lofty turret on the foot of mount Alwund seems diminutive. Whosoever stretcheth out his neck, claiming consequence, is beset by enemies from all quarters. Sady lies prostrate, free of worldly wishes ; no man attempteth to fight with one who’s down on the bottom. Consideration ought to precede speech ; they first lay the inspiration after which construct the wall. I perceive making- synthetic flowers, however am not a professed gardener ! I promote a magnificence, however not in Canaan.* They requested Lokman, of whom he had realized philosophy? He answered, “ Of the blind, be.trigger.tbey by no means advance a step till they’ve tried the bottom.” Attempt your manner earlier than you stir your foot: be assured of your manhood, after which marry.


Christine of France

Christine of France, we’re instructed by Jacob the bibhophilist, wore a “ justaucorps ” embroidered in gold and studded with valuable stones ; this was a exceptional form, not defining the waist in any respect, and completed off with an indented basque.

The primary point out of what might rightly be termed the corset is on the finish of the fourteenth century, when the clothes minimize low within the entrance launched by Isabella of Bavaria had been answerable for the innovation, and made fashionable the carrying of the brand new garment, which was made in every kind of supplies laced both on the entrance or on the again.

On the finish of the fifteenth century the basquine was adopted, a corset of stout linen or cotton with a busk of wooden or metallic on the entrance. Rabelais says, “The women on the Courtroom of Francis I. wore basquines, and a silk camlet over their chemises,” and it’s evidently that they incurred the displeasure of the preachers of the day; certainly Charles IX. and Henry III. issued a number of stringent legal guidelines with regard to the corset, being satisfied that it was extremely injurious to the well being of its wearers, and the corps pique which was worn on this reign was neither extra nor lower than an instrument of torture, compressing the physique into a tough unyielding mould, the splinters of wooden typically tearing the pores and skin. Till the tip of the sixteenth century the tailor had the monopoly of corset-making, and his strategies appear to have been something however tender. It was within the seventeenth century that Ben Jonson pathetically complained

The whalebone man,

Who quilts the our bodies I’ve depart to span.

Within the reign of Louis XV. corsets had been minimize away on the hips and laced on the again, the lengthy busks of wooden or metal being solely within the entrance ; whalebone was used to stiffen the corset, which was generally made in two items and laced underneath the arms, and it was invariably provided with shoulder-straps, and started in these days to take unto itself such wealthy supplies as brocade and satin embroidered in gold chenille or silk.

The Directoire interval produced a traditional zone worn exterior the gown, a mode that quickly gave place to the boneless corset, a fleeting fancy, for all costume worn within the time of Louis XVI. owes its best allure to the stays, the bodices being minimize into lengthy factors and fitted tightly from bust to waist. In some situations these bodices had been sewn on to the determine of the wearer after the stays had been laced to their excessive restrict, and lots of of Hogarth’s figures show the affect of the very stiff keep, the figures being erect in an uncomfortable diploma, for it’s unattainable to think about any human creature attaining such excellence of carriage with out appreciable assist from with out, and a few in-convenience from inside.