MAK (Museum of Applied Art) and Kiev

MAK – a place for art!

The MAK (Museum of Applied Art) is a place for a art. More often than not, that art originates at the MAK. it is a central interface of global communication. The MAK owns a unique collection of applied and contemporary art. At the same time, it is a place devoted to scientific research into all questions of the production, communication, conservation and reorientation of art.

Art is an investment in the future of society. The Museum is the ultimate translation hardware, in a position to communicate the productions of individuals across generations and borders to present and future audiences.

In “Schoner Wohnen” (Lovelier Living), Erwin Wurm, one of the most successful international proponents of contemporary art, is developing an intervention in the MAK Schausammlung Gegenwartskunst (Show Collection of Contemporary Art) which has been on show since March 2011. At the heart of the exhibition are objects with usage value which have been conceived especially for the MAK. Items of furniture, as instruments of the collective, are objects upon which lifestyles manifest themselves in a model-like way The artist comments on these through subtle statements, interventions and deferrals.

This exhibition continues the “Kiinstler im Fokus”(Artist in Focus) series, which introduces significant positions from the MAK Collection on the interface of applied art, visual art and architecture. It should be understood as an appeal to the public with which the Museum is pursuing a strategy for positioning the MAK Schausammlung Gegenwartskunst. A central aspect of this is the support from sponsors, patrons and supporters that make it possible to make the acquisitions necessary for the MAK Collection.

The Austrian boarding pass entitles you to a 40 percent reduction on entrance to the MAK.


A museum of modern art is taking the creative avantgarde to Ukraine.

Tradition and Modernity

Visitors to the Ukrainian capital Kiev prized the V places which reflected the history and traditions of the country first and foremost. These included its churches and monasteries such as the St. Sophia Cathedral and the Monastery of the Caves; the famous Andriyivskyy Descent, where so many artists have resided, and Tsarskoye Selo Restaurant, whose rustic ambience illustrates the deep-seated patriotism of the Ukrainian people. A new addition to these centuries of tradition is that Kiev has now also become a destination of choice for lovers of contemporary art. This is largely thanks to Viktor Pinchuk, an oligarch who opened the Pinchuk Art Centre a number of years ago to provide a suitable backdrop to his exquisite art collection. The Centre’s extraordinaq; temporary exhibitions round off the city’s broad cultural sweep.

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